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Get results from your next team-building and enhance your team’s effectiveness with HR III.

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Do you feel that your employees and your team are as engaged with their work and as motivated as you are to drive towards success? Or are you going solo on your trek towards success, potentially hindered by toxic mind-sets and apathetic team members?

You are not alone.

Management research and surveys have consistently shown that up to 80% of your staff and team-members could be dis-engaged from work. Such an apparent lack of motivation and enthusiasm for work results in high staff turnover as well as lowered team and organizational performances.

Address staff discontentment and voluntary turnover BEFORE they happen. We will work with you and your team to surface the challenges that are preventing you and your team from achieving greatness. By the end of the workshop, you and your team will learn to apply simple and practical solutions to enhance the engagement levels and become a more effective team immediately!

Not only will you have a fun and memorable event, your teams will also learn to cook and bake delicious recipes in a professional kitchen setting. As your team enjoys the bonding experience, HR III will help your team to develop practical and highly effective action plans that can impact and improve their overall level of staff engagement and team cohesiveness.

For team-bonding sessions that are fun, creative and is also results-driven, drop us an inquiry and we will get in touch with you for a complimentary consultation to understand your concerns and share with you how we can help make your teams more successful.

Our Approach – We employ action-learning to provide fun & challenging activities for an impactful learning and reflective experience.

  • Results-Based Activity Planning
  • Tangible Strategic Outcomes
  • Team-Driven Action Plans
  • Practical and Effective Solutions
  • Soulful and Delicious Recipes

Our Facilitators – With over 50 years of leadership and professional HR experience, our facilitators employ psychometric tools and highly-interactive fun-filled activities to help teams interact and understand the value of internal partnerships.

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