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Talent Management & Career Development

Talent Management should not be left to chance, unfortunately, even when Talent Management plans are in place, there are often gaps with the development plans of the identified Talents resulting in the extraordinarily high levels of failed HIPOs and Talents in organizations.

Today’s fast-paced knowledge and talent-driven economy means that we are often provided with multiple opportunities and perspectives towards achieving our professional success.

Although some individuals are fortunate enough to be presented with clear paths in their careers, there are still many who may not be as fortunate and will require a structured career development plan in order to get ahead.

Talent Management and Career Development should be a highly structured and professional development process that allows the Organization and it’s Talents to be clearly identified and aligned towards common objectives.

HR III has developed the MyCareer coaching tool and Talent Management processes to facilitate your organization’s talent development journey and which will alsolead your employees  towards their eventual career success.

If you need help or support with your organization’s Talent Management and Career Development programming, make an appointment with us for a complimentary consultation session!

Our Approach – We employ action-learning to provide fun & challenging activities for an impactful learning and reflective experience.

  • Results-Based Activity Planning
  • Tangible Strategic Outcomes
  • Team-Driven Action Plans
  • Practical and Effective Solutions
  • Soulful and Delicious Recipes

Our Facilitators – With over 50 years of leadership and professional HR experience, our facilitators employ psychometric tools and highly-interactive fun-filled activities to help teams interact and understand the value of internal partnerships.

Case Study

Anne had always been a high achiever.  She was constantly in the top 3 at senior school, attended a top UK university graduating with first class honours in her first and Masters degrees, Economics.  Studying seemed effortless for her.  She was really tired though of academia and wanted to pursue a career in retail, following in her mother’s footsteps who was the UK Chairperson of a mid-sized global retailing company.

Following a successful gap year working initially in African orphanages for a charitable organization followed by 6 months of self-indulgent sight-seeing (she thought she owed it to herself) Anne was immediately accepted on a Graduate Recruitment fast-track scheme for a high-street retailer.  To her surprise, she did not particularly enjoy this.  She liked the fast-changing pace of retail but her colleagues were frustratingly slow and she had to be extremely patient and restrained – not her best traits.  She felt this got in the way of progress and efficiency.  She did however like the empowerment she experienced by being on the fast-track.

Through her social network she had an insight to the healthcare industry and immediately seized the next opportunity to join as an Area Sales Representative in OTC.  She rapidly progressed and within two years managed a small team of 4 other reps at which point she made the switch to Marketing, Brand Manager then Director for a large brand. She thrived in this intellectually challenging environment.

She was becoming well known amongst senior managers for her achievements, strategic mindset and consistently high performance.  In her second year as BD the brand was hit by fierce (unforeseen) competition – this was a tough test for Anne and her colleagues but they re-gained market share through some innovative initiatives.

She was approached to join the Pharma division of another competitor and with mixed feelings she did so with a view to becoming a head of a country affiliate.  Within 6 months however she was re-recruited back to a similar role in the former company. This was not such a smooth transition as expected since the external environment was now being hit heavily by a global economic crisis and her new manager was obviously not as convinced of her performance as his other senior colleagues had been. He had the following doubts:

How much of her success was luck or gained on the back of others he wondered? Was it the team, that she had only partially built, that carried her through? How will she perform in the scientifically complex Pharma setting rather than consumer retail? 

Her boss was himself then reassigned and she had a geographically remote ad interim leader for the next 6 months.  During this time, she took the opportunity to increase her financial responsibilities as preparation for a GM role and after one year was promoted to a Head role in a small French speaking affiliate.  Quite quickly she gained the trust of her local managerial team through her straightforward operating style, good listening skills and inclusive behavior.  She mastered the language to be able to converse at a business level but a rapidly declining Sales pattern ensued.  She felt extremely isolated and had not been assigned a mentor.

After 12 months of being in this role a close family member fell ill and she requested a long-term sabbatical which was granted – it suited both parties.

On her return, 8 months later, she was assigned to a Strategic Planning role back in the Headquarters.  The question now is what will her future role be and in what time-line?  How can her development needs be best met?

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