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With over 20 years of experience in Human Resource, HR III possesses the knowledge, skills and network to provide you with effective Human Resource solutions for a wide range of Human Resource challenges. Amongst our expertise and services are Talent Recruitment and Team-Building.

As a registered Singapore Recruitment Agency, HR III provides Talent Recruitment services mainly for the manufacturing industry. Whilst there are many Recruitment Firms in Singapore, HR III possesses the in-depth knowledge and understanding for specific industries which include the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Bio-medical Industry, the Oil & Gas Industry as well as the Chemical Industries.

This familiarity with the industry means that we are able to better identify and match the appropriate talents with the organizations to ensure the best fit. Although our Recruitment Agency is based in Singapore, our Talents are sourced from around the world.

With substantial experience working with people from shop-floor level staff all the way to the C-suite executives, HR III is also able to provide effective guidance and facilitation to achieve corporate objectives through innovative corporate team-building programs.