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New Manager Assimilation

Do you know? More than half of all new managers fail within the first year into their new role. Up to 70% of workers are not engaged at work and only 12% of staff actually leave for more money. Gallup also found that 50% of employees say they would switch jobs for more recognition.

According to a survey, the average new manager takes about 6 months before they are able to establish a level of trust and communication with their new teams. This is not unusual as the new team dynamics will require time to adjust before reaching its peak performance stage.

However, this does not have to be the norm! Find out how we can help you and your team short-cut this team-building process to reach your top performance more quickly!

Team Building need not merely be all fun with no results. Management retreats do not necessarily have to be sombre and boring affairs. Let HR III’s experienced mentors work with your teams to uncover the hidden currents and surface the challenges that could be hindering the best team performances yet! Do not allow low levels of team engagement, communication or talent management disrupt your organization’s goals.



Our Approach – We employ action-learning to provide fun & challenging activities for an impactful learning and reflective experience.

  • Results-Based Activity Planning
  • Tangible Strategic Outcomes
  • Team-Driven Action Plans
  • Practical and Effective Solutions
  • Soulful and Delicious Recipes

Our Facilitators – With over 50 years of leadership and professional HR experience, our facilitators employ psychometric tools and highly-interactive fun-filled activities to help teams interact and understand the value of internal partnerships.

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