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Career Coaching


Do you feel dissatisfied with your current employment? Are you feeling confused with what you need to do next to progress in your career? What is your next best career move? Should you upgrade your skills and knowledge? What skills? What knowledge?

Today’s fast-paced knowledge and talent-driven economy means that we are often provided with multiple opportunities and perspectives towards achieving our professional success.

Although some individuals are fortunate enough to be granted with clear and present paths in their careers, there are still many of us who may not be as fortunate and will require professional career coaching in order to get ahead.

Career Coaching is a structured professional development process that allows you to clearly identify what you are working towards and how you may achieve your success.

HR III has developed the MyCareer coaching and Talent Development tool to facilitate your journey of self-discovery and progress which will eventually lead you towards your eventual success in your career and life.

If you need help or support with your career or with your organization’s talent development program, make an appointment with our Coaches for a complimentary Discovery session!

Find out what are some of your interests and let our Career Coaches help you explore your hidden strengths and jump-start your journey towards professional fulfillment and success!


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