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Do you feel that your team members are not as engaged with their work or perhaps you feel that your team’s success is hindered by cynicism and apathy? Do you have any challenges with Leadership, Team-building or Training? You are not alone. Start experiencing REAL team-building sessions and begin your drive towards organizational success.

New Manager Assimilation

Do you know? More than half of all new managers fail within the first year into their new role. Up to 70% of workers are not engaged at work and only 12% of staff actually leave for more money. Gallup also found that 50% of employees say they would switch jobs for more recognition.

Talent Management

Talent Management should not be left to chance, unfortunately, even when Talent Management plans are in place, there are often gaps with the development plans of the identified Talents resulting in the extraordinarily high levels of failed HIPOs and Talents in organizations.

WHY Choose us?

With over 50 years of Leadership & Talent Development experience, we personally design & facilitate effective Leadership, Team-building and Training workshops that lead towards practical and yet powerful outcomes.
With effective Leadership, Team-building and HR Training workshops starting from as low as S$1999 per day*! Contact us now for details.

About Us

It is well documented that the hallmark of any successful organization is an effective team. Effective teams do not happen by chance, they are the products of powerful beliefs that fuel the team’s drive and wise leadership at the helm to guide the team’s direction. The vessel that holds the team together and allows the team to row towards success is good and effective Human Resource Management and sound HR practices. We believe that effective leadership and good HR practices should not be an exclusive domain but should be shared across all organizations, large or small.

HR III began as in 2011 as one man’s effort to change the way HR management was practiced in Singapore through his passion for Leadership, Team-building and Training. Today, with over 50 years of Human Resource and Organization Development experience, we possess the management and HR capabilities, experience and knowledge to provide our partners with reliable HR and Leadership Training Solutions tailored to meet each team’s needs and expectations; These range from building an organization’s Compensation and Benefits structure, to talent development capabilities  to new leadership induction to ensure smooth and harmonious transitions.

In addition to our offering professional training services, HR III also provides career coaching and developmental programs tailored to identify and motivate burnt-out talents. We aim to provide support for our partner’s teams with the management knowledge and insights so that they can be ready for today’s ever-changing environment.

At HR III, we are committed to Quality and our desire to help organizations achieve their strategic objectives through:

Imparting by sharing knowledge, experience and practical applications to real-life situations.

Improving to enhance the value and quality of the HR work of our partners and their teams.

Impacting by influencing and making a significant contribution to our partners thereby enhancing the performance of their teams.

Why Choose Us?


We Share knowledge, experience and practical applications.


We enhance the value and effectiveness of Leadership teams.


We influence and make significant contributions.

For expert human resource advice you can trust HR III

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