HR III Pte Ltd is a HR company that provides Training and Specialized Recruitment services for the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Pharmaceutical industries.

With over 20 years of Human Resource and Organization Development experience, we have the HR capabilities, experience and knowledge to provide our clients with reliable recruitment solutions tailored to meet individual company's unique needs and expectations. In addition, we will offer pragmatic training programs tailored to provide each client with skills, knowledge and practical applications of real-life situations, all drawn from decades of human resource experience.

At HR III, we are committed to Quality and our desire to help companies achieve their business objectives through:

Imparting by sharing knowledge, experience and practical applications to real-life situations.
Improving to enhance the value and quality of the work of our clients and their teams.
Impacting by influencing and making a significant contribution to our clients thereby enhancing the performance of their teams.

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